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RUSSIA and the UK are at loggerheads over the alleged poisoning of a Russian spy and his daughter, provoking fears of a new cold war.... A "Red Scare" is the promotion of a widespread fear of a potential rise of communism or ... The First Red Scare, which occurred immediately after World War I, revolved around ... anti-radical hysteria provoked by a mounting fear and anxiety that a Bolshevik ... American Communism and Anti Communism in the Cold War Era.. With atomic bombs likely to be used, any new war would be apocalyptic. ... Republicsthe country that had provoked Orwell's great gloomy prophecy in the first ... It is worth starting with visions, though, because they establish hopes and fears.. America should apply Cold War lessons to China: Compete hard, ... The intensifying rivalry between Washington and Beijing has already provoked a wave of ... The United States should not fear a new Cold War with China.. At my age, notifications at midnight should provoke the crazy fear that dear old mum has had a fall not that the New York Times may be.... Cold War, the open yet restricted rivalry that developed after World War II between ... The Cold War was waged on political, economic, and propaganda fronts and ... Another intense stage of the Cold War was in 195862. ... weapons for fear of the other's retaliation (and thus of mutual atomic annihilation).. North Korea is bringing back all the old Cold War fears. ... of the two Korean governments was re-contextualized by the new superpower competition. ... for war with China, which would provoke domestic opposition, as well as.... The American diplomat George Kennan forged America's Cold War ... China and provoked the American political class to seek a new purpose for America's ... Nor should the American people fear a Chinese military attack.. Not quite nine months later, the New Cold War that Merkel warned Trump ... The recent lovefest provoked James Clapper, the sober-minded former ... might trigger another go-round, simply by clinging to old habits and fears.. Australians' definitions of the Cold War may have owed much to ... The fear of another war the fear of a Russian occupation, haunted Europe in those years and ... They also provoked a sense of replay for Menzies who, as prime minister at the.... In Kiev, the new government talks about Russia's aggression and orders ... Thus, the post-Cold War may now be seen, in retrospect, as the inter-Cold War period. ... effort, Iran-style, to split the Russian elite and provoke the resentment of ... Fears Mount as Trump Administration Guts USAID's Iraq Presence.. Not quite nine months later, the New Cold War that Merkel warned Trump ... The recent lovefest provoked James Clapper, the sober-minded former ... might trigger another go-round, simply by clinging to old habits and fears.. In January 2016, senior UK government officials were reported to have registered their growing fears that "a new cold war" was now unfolding in Europe: "It.... The DIA report doesn't use the term "Cold War," and other U.S. ... "I do fear that we are headed into an era of unceasing confrontation, where ... It says the U.S. has "provoked and intensified competition among major countries. ... Attorney General Barr Issues New Rules For Politically Sensitive Investigations.... Careless, reckless or outright provocative policies toward Russia are fraught with ... who describe the current state of US-Russia relations as a new Cold War. ... Nevertheless, this oversimplified comparison with the Cold War.... China was an American ally in World War II, but then quickly became an ... in my view, the fear of China and threat of a new Cold War instigated by the United States. ... Yet after America's CIA covertly worked to provoke a Soviet invasion of.... Active measures were used by both sides throughout the Cold War. ... then was reluctant to act too strongly, for fear of being seen as partisan. ... zones, provoking the rebels to shoot down Russian aircraft, and getting the.... ... there has been much talk of a new Cold War between the West and Russia. ... Thought-provoking large essay, but it doesn't have an argument, and it does not...

John Lewis Gaddis, "The Tragedy of Cold War ... crosses several faultlines, it has provoked the ... Cold War: was motivated by fear and power: fear that world-.. Putin's invocation of the cold war was nothing new. It may be ... Russia's actions in Ukraine are more a show of weakness and fear. This is not...


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